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Artwork Description

When we set out to create our composition about Eleusis and the feelings of its citizens regarding environmental destruction, we were acutely aware of the negative emotions that would likely emerge from such a topic. Our aim was to delve into the collective psyche of the community and capture the range of sentiments experienced by individuals in the face of environmental degradation in our composition using modular synthesizers and analog effect units.


To immerse ourselves in a comparable scenario and draw inspiration for our musical composition, we embarked on a journey to Chalkidiki, Greece, where we explored the surroundings of a mine and explored abandoned industrial sites and factories, allowing the experience to shape our creative process. 


Apart from that the audiovisual material and data provided by the TT8 team served as a profound source of inspiration for us. The ship cemeteries, with their decaying vessels scattered along the coastline, evoke a sense of nostalgia and a connection to the maritime heritage of Eleusis. They served as tangible symbols of the town's historical ties to the sea and its importance as a port city. However, juxtaposed with the ongoing environmental degradation, these ship cemeteries also elicited a sense of irony and sorrow. The once-majestic ships, now deteriorating and abandoned, mirrored the gradual decay of the natural environment and contributed to a sense of loss and desolation.


One prevailing emotion that emerged was a sense of helplessness and loneliness. As citizens witnessed the destruction of their natural surroundings, they often felt powerless to prevent or mitigate the damage. This feeling of helplessness was compounded by a sense of isolation, as individuals struggled to find others who shared their concerns and were willing to take action. The resulting loneliness intensified their negative emotions, creating a profound sense of disconnection from both the environment and their fellow citizens.


Sadness and neglect were also prevalent emotions expressed by the citizens. The gradual deterioration of their surroundings and the loss of natural beauty evoked a deep sadness within them. They mourned the loss of the once-thriving ecosystems and felt a profound sense of grief for the irrevocable damage inflicted upon their environment. Furthermore, they felt neglected by authorities and the larger society, perceiving a lack of concern and a failure to address the urgent need for environmental preservation.


Boredom was another emotional response that emerged from our exploration of individual feelings. As citizens faced the ongoing destruction of their surroundings, a sense of monotony and repetition settled in. The persistent degradation of their environment, without any visible efforts or progress towards its restoration, contributed to a feeling of stagnation and tedium. The citizens yearned for meaningful change and a break from the cycle of destruction, but the lack of action left them disheartened and unstimulated.


Lastly, we encountered a notable sentiment of refusal to participate. Some individuals, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the environmental challenges and the apparent indifference of others, chose to distance themselves from the issue altogether. This disengagement stemmed from a combination of frustration, disillusionment, and a perceived futility in attempting to make a difference. These individuals believed that their efforts would be in vain and that meaningful change required systemic shifts beyond their individual capacities.


To recreate the distinctive environment of Eleusis, we employed a combination of simulated bird songs, crashing waves, and the resonant echoes of heavy industrial machinery. Through these carefully crafted sounds, we aimed to transport our audience to the immersive audio landscape of Eleusis, capturing the essence of its unique ambiance.


In capturing these negative feelings, we aimed to highlight the depth of emotional turmoil experienced by the citizens of Eleusis in the face of environmental destruction. It is our hope that by acknowledging and empathizing with these sentiments, we can inspire dialogue, action, and collective efforts to address the pressing environmental issues that affect us all. We incorporated the data by using the provided midi notes to trigger a modular synthesizer rack and various effect units.