Jennifer Touch - Migration. Back

Artwork Description

The whole topic feels, despite the general social meaning of immigration, like a very intimate experience of a person. Even though they are becoming part of a collective it will never be a non personal situation. Thats why I used my own voice with a choir effect and pitched it down as well at some parts. I wanted a mystical vibe with some ancient archaic sounding instruments. 


I worked mainly with the quotes and used it for my vocals:


Episode 51

"I came here for the better future of my children" admits S7.


Episode 160

P2 poses the question "I am not an Eleusinian, I rarely went to the village [...] I finally wonder where  (do) I belong?" 


The phrase I am not an Eleusinian feels also like a question to the world where to find a place in it.


The main synth harmony is based on the graph 160 P4, giving me the feeling of a human pulse, like moving on, keep going in the new situation that is also paired with grief of losing the old and the hope of gaining a new collective, always questioning your own place in society. The whole track should feel like a pondering of someone that arrived in a new country, sensing pain and hope, maybe euphoria as well.

This feeling is created by the curve of Scene 85, P1, I formed the midi notes based on that one. The sound is moving upwards and keeping the high note for a while, that gives a dramatic feeling that is also moving downwards in the next seconds again.. coming down to earth, to reality.