Jennifer Touch - Employment. Back

Artwork Description

I see a dead, used landscape that has been taken advantage of by the people and their industry, noises, moving, producing, disharmonies, the people left behind, the industry fades and dies again.. a hope of a new environment, created by people in harmony with the nature, both treated with love, losing all efficiency and letting love grow over capitalism and nature over efficiency.


Here I just let myself float through sounds that should be industrial but also ambient, field recording like. The first part illustrates a wild landscape being occupied by an industrial movement, by a non natural thing.. coming from all sides in slow and heavy steps, finally the industry settles in. Things start to move until you can only hear the industrial noises.. I took the interview Sociodrama session 3 _ Employment _ Angle 1 as a human input that stands for the working class, the human factor.. pitched down, feeling low but also massive. People are left behind, nature is left behind. The words of the interview dont really matter, its just the human vibe that creates a certain feeling. Finally a warm and sad but also hopeful and Twin Peaks like sound is coming in, I played the harmonies by thinking of the struggle of a tortured nature and the people of the working class, fighting with the need of an industry to find work and purpose but losing their safety and their environment that is supposed to keep them healthy and safe. The industrial steel sounds are trying to keep going but they die slowly. With the dead of the Industry new space for hope and future lays open in front of us.