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Artwork Description

There was a tale, there was a time; an age of Gold and  time of perpetual leisure, of eternity and days, the old times of Kronos. This tale is different: it tells of a closer time, of hardship and Fire and sweat; a time when the many became one. An age of fates forged together, when fate was burned and bent by the masses, fluid like steel.

For The Molten Age, the verbal accounts from the sociodrama sessions have been interpreted in an effort to translate the feelings of community and collective strength in terms of non-linear storytelling; a parallel was established between and ideal of worker-oriented industry and the myth of the Hecatoncheires, overthrowing the established rule by the will of the many. The quote from sociodrama sessions, “all over the planet, industry coexists with people and indeed many times the trade offs provide a good quality of life” was a key inspiration for this axis.