Fabio Cassano - The Barbaric Gaze. Back

Artwork Description

They came from afar, in search of treasure; they found people and turmoil, the restless children of Kronos; they bent their backs and toiled in the factories, brothers in toil; they wandered the empty city; they looked at us, wonderingly. We look at them through a window, but the window makes them different. We fight them, against and together; we the foes, then the allies. Do we know them, the barbarians, gazing from the ship? We gaze again through the window, unable to understand: they are us and we are them; barbarians, gazing each other, while the ships come and go beyond the window.

For The Barbaric Gaze, the feelings expressed through the sessions have been compared to the myths of Medea and the Argonauta: the search for a better fortune, the suspicion toward foreigners, the bond made through shared struggle, the media's inability to understand the foreigner's perspective; the interpretation was backed up by specific audiovisual research.