Fabio Cassano - Chronophagos, or the Rusted Age. Back

Artwork Description

The house of Kronos is in ruins; the land is dry and quiet; the hours never pass, in the long wait for answers. Time ran short of sons to devour, and began devouring itself.

The clock stopped ticking at my age; and mine is an age of rust.

We were made to forge and craft. Bury the old, so that the new will flourish; polish the gears lest they rust out. As the Time-Devourer passes, a time of work and days shall begin.

For Chronophagos, or the Rusted Age, the topic of unemployment, and specifically the loss of life coordinates and purpose, are compared to the end of the Golden Age and the myth of Kronos devouring his progeny; the interpretation of graphs and accounts was supported by provided audiovisual evidence and additional photography. 

Very polarised situation concerning the "us and them" aspect, from the sociodrama session became valuable to my artistic approach. It looks like the city's history and the fate of someone being a "second class citizen" has also affected the identity of the residents, despite their education or interests. The vindication they expect for their existence does not happen and unfortunately it “depends” on the city. As if they cannot distinguish themselves from the city.