• The “Athena” Research Centre in Transition to 8


    The team representing the “Athena” Research Center is responsible for transferring digital know-how to the project. Over the past few years, the team’s researchers have participated in various projects designing and developing online applications related to tangible and intangible cultural heritage and artistic creation.

    The team has completed the design, development, and evaluation of innovative initiatives that offer experiences that adopt new technologies in the field of culture in projects such as Emotive (Storytelling for Cultural Heritage) and WhoLoDancE (Whole-body Interaction Learning for Dance Education). The many years of research on the semantic and computational analysis of the human factor and emotional reactions make the team of the “Athena” Research Center ideal for the development and evaluation of projects aiming at the emotional involvement of the audience, active participation, and engaging bodily experiences.

    Within Transition to 8, our team aims to develop an accessible online platform to support interdisciplinary research focusing on sociodrama and contemporary artistic creation -with emphasis on electronic music and digital arts- and to develop the infrastructure needed for an online presentation of data related to the social issues of the region of Eleusis. Considering the ultimate use of the platform, our team, in collaboration with the project’s partners, will create a methodology to share data with artists and reinforce the connection between artistic creation and raising awareness on major social issues that concern communities both in Greece and in Europe. To achieve this, the “Athena” team works towards designing and developing innovative technologies that will connect the social issues of a specific area and the people’s reactions to them with electronic music and digital art. 

    We started by recording the preferences of electronic music producers and DJs and listing the requirements that ought to be met by the research and scientific institutions in the creation of both the sociodrama methodology and the software of the digital platform.