Olga Kouklaki - Mingling with Barbara. Back

Artwork Description

Trying to integrate into a new group of people-society (“mingling” is ironic here, since the verb is usually used for more casual socializing) is a difficult process. It brings feelings of fear for the 'foreigner' (barbara=foreigner) and the unknown in general on the surface, but also feelings of melancholy and reminiscence of the past.

For "Mingling with Barbara" I used samples from the very phrases of the residents of Eleusis that moved me during the 'sociodrama' and samples of the same recorded conversation to create the beat (noises from the environment, from chairs, doors, etc.). With a tonally melancholic atmosphere from the processed sine waveforms of the biometric data, I tried to create a 'migration story' with pervasive thoughts and reflections.