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Artwork Description

This axis encompasses all negative feelings indicated by residents/participants about their city and its urban environment, including anger, feelings of abandonment and neglect, nostalgia for the past and the sense of security that existed at the time, and melancholy."

The apocalyptic landscape created with AI, on a rainy day, depicts the accumulation of the worst assaults against Eleusis 's natural jewels. The beaches have disappeared behind rusted shipwrecks and collapsed factories, spitting oil and debris to the ground, as a carpet of general desolation. These nightmarish landscapes do not leave room to any possible life, bar some black birds fleeing the scene in search of better horizons.

Would this situation perdure, all human life will soon be compromised on this land.

The participants' feelings are expressed through data extracted from their interviews and rendered here as a cluttered accumulation of complaints, regrets, and criticisms that have been expressed by citizens.

As in many art forms, reality is here deformed, exaggerated and caricatured, as to enforce the impression of chaos, waste, and abandonment of a rich undervalued natural environment.