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Artwork Description

This axis represents the participants' feelings about the future and their participation in the sociodrama. Hope and Satisfaction"

Many participants verbalised their sense of hope mainly through feelings of solidarity and togetherness throughout the interviews. Not being alone shines a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have pictured them here as happy and satisfied to have participated in the experience, expressing a personal or collective hope for the future of Eleusis, boosted by the light that this initiative shines on their city.

These colourful watercolor portraits can be seen as an instant capture of those moments of satisfaction, imagined by AI, and transformed into art that can be displayed in the imaginary album of souvenirs left behind, after the project. They contrast with the dullness of the 2 other movies, inspired by negative feelings, and symbolise a possible positive outcome, despite adversity.

The data integrated in this movie is the very recording of their own voices as they were expressing hope and satisfaction during the interviews.