Jennifer Touch - Environment. Back

Artwork Description

Communicating instruments, all sounds without human vocals or lyrics.

The individual in a community, a togetherness that keeps a movement going, like building a pattern together. It felt like a strong pulse, thats why I used a sonic pattern in form of beats here.


I set midi notes that form a sound based on the visuals / graphs of Scene70_SC_Sensor2 and Scene70_SC_Sensor4 

I used also the MIDI SCSensor2Scene48 - Sine (2) as a midi input for the lead synth to express the power of a collective and the sense of belonging.


SCSensor5Scene63 - Sine comes as a sinus tone. wav that is meant to keep the other sounds together.


Everything is more a collective of sounds based on beats and could also work as a song for political movements on the streets, pushing forward. Everything sounds a bit raw, not too glossy, not too shiny and too structured, a bit euphoric, open for an endless repeat, as long as the movement needs to keep going.