ION - Act I: Love unveiled as symbols shattered. Back

Artwork Description

Every human experience consists of many different emotional aspects. In my music, I try to capture this multiplicity and complexity of an experience. So, on the first hand, I started to write about the positive feelings of the residents of Eleusis concerning its urban environment, but I also tried to pay attention to other emotional realities that may accompany an imaginary image of an environmental disaster or the misery that this disaster hides within it. In every climatic disaster, like the pollution of a once beautiful beach, there is also an uncanny beauty, like the one that lies hidden in the haunted ships by the waters of Eleusis. These images were the main inspiration for this first track, as in my music I try to witness the worst and the best - or at least the brightest - images of a world out there.

From Axis 2 and Episode 7 I used the sound sample of the temperature sensor of participant 5.

I also used samples from the Sociodrama Session Audio Recordings.