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Artwork Description

“THREADS OF HUMANITY” is a video project inspired by the intricate human geography of modern Eleusis, revealing the interconnectedness of diverse migration narratives. Rooted in the city's historical context, this project explores the multifaceted experiences of refugees, economic migrants, and individuals seeking asylum, who have converged in Eleusis from different corners of the world. 


Through the TT8 project, residents shared their own experiences related to migration and refugees, describing what is in their personal suitcases. These stories serve as the initial narrative thread, forming the basis for image generations using the Stable Diffusion, text-to-image algorithm. Stable Diffusion is a deep learning model that generates detailed images conditioned on text descriptions, guided by a text prompt.


A graphic dance of parallel lines visualizes the biometric data gathered from the residents, visually intertwining their individual journeys and shared experiences. Concurrently, a dance of parallel heartbeats represents the coexistence of diverse cultures and the pursuit of bridging the divide between locals and foreigners. The project challenges the barriers that separate Greeks and foreigners, calling for the eradication of xenophobic and racist attitudes, and embracing a collective sense of humanity, empathy, and social cohesion.