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Artwork Description

"REQUIEM OF THE DEEP" is a visual journey that transports viewers into the depths of Eleusis' Ship Graveyard. This evocative coastal zone, plagued by environmental pollution caused by shipwrecks, becomes the central focus of this experience, raising awareness about the detrimental effects of uncontrolled industrial activities, water contamination, and the alarming state of our marine ecosystems.


Inspired by the narratives and personal stories of Eleusinian residents, the project captures the complex relationship between the community and the sea. Participants are immersed in a range of emotions as they witness the Eleusinian sea, juxtaposed with the poignant reminder of pollution and the frustration of restricted access for swimming. A pervasive feeling of sadness resonates throughout, shared by all who hold a deep love for their city and yearn for a cleaner and more accessible coastline.


Using cutting-edge 3D camera technology, the Ship Graveyard is intricately captured, revealing the haunting remnants of vessels that have succumbed to decay. This visual journey is animated by the incorporation of biometric data collected from the participants. These intimate personal metrics serve as a driving force, dynamically shaping the motion and composition of the project's point cloud file. The result is a profound and visually catastrophic requiem that resonates with viewers on a deep emotional level, unveiling the fragile balance between human actions and the profound impact they have on our planet's delicate ecosystems. "REQUIEM OF THE DEEP" aims to spark reflection, and promote dialogue on the urgent need for environmental stewardship and the preservation of our natural resources.