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Artwork Description

"PRESSURE RELIEF" is a choreographic video that delves into the employment issues faced by the working class in Eleusis. Known as a city primarily associated with industrial labor, Eleusis holds a collective identity tied to the working class. This performance draws inspiration from pressure relief valves to explore the experiences of factory workers and their overwhelming employment concerns. Against the backdrop of a factory environment, the dance piece portrays the daily struggles and immense pressure endured by the workers. The video is captured inside the Kronos factory, one of the strongest symbols of the city, an iconic example of Eleusis' cultural and industrial heritage, which remains abandoned and in danger of collapse. 


Similar to pressure relief valves, which protect the factories from dangerous levels of pressure, the performer embody the role of the valve, absorbing and channelling the tremendous stress that surrounds them. Through a fusion of contemporary dance, gestural movements, and elements of physical theater, the choreography by Efi Kleidara, captures the physical and emotional toll experienced by the workers. The movements reflect the weight of labor, monotony, and the constant fear of job instability. Kleidara, embodying an assembly line worker, expresses hardship and difficulty through repetitive sharp and erratic movements. As the performance progresses, the movements become increasingly restrained, incorporating gestures that convey emotions of frustration, despair and disconnection, effectively capturing the feeling of being trapped by employment pressures. However, as the narrative unfolds, a gradual shift occurs. A "pressure relief" moment takes place as the restrictive movements are broken free, allowing the performer to unleash their individuality and find strength. 


As part of the TT8 project, this choreographic endeavour inspired by the Eleusinian residents' diverse perspectives on employment. The narrative and structure of "PRESSURE RELIEF" portray the concerns and experiences of the Eleusinian residents, shedding light on the employment issues prevalent within the city. Furthermore, the project incorporated biometric data collected from the participants. The biometric data gathered from the residents serve as a driving force behind the motion of a particle system, creatively transforming the dancer into a metaphorical representation of a pressure relief valve.