Episode 2

The episode conveys feelings of pride for every rare and unique treasure that Eleusis has to showcase, revealing an underlying nostalgia for the past of both the city and the world, long before the digital and even earlier, the electric era.

F.=Facilitator, P.=Participant 

F. 1: What are you?

P. 10: I am the city's clock mechanism, located in the basement of the City Hall. I would like to be in my original position.

F. 1: Did you want to return to your place?

P. 10: I am a mechanism that operates with gravity.

F. 1: When were you removed from there?

P. 10: Seventeen years ago. Since then, I have been decaying.

F. 1: What do you want now?

P. 10: To go back there.

F. 1: To go back there.

P. 10: To strike again, even if it's not at the right time.

F. 1: Many people could see you.

P. 10: And study me. Because I am rare.

F. 1: You are rare.

F. 1: You are a unique mechanism. Very significant. And you would like to return to your place.