ΚΙΝΟ - Migration. Back

Artwork Description

This axis depicts natives' relationship with their place of origin, which encompasses both nostalgia for a better time and the drive to preserve identity and tradition."

I've opted to show immigrants from Afghanistan, Irak, Syria, as well as some Africans - which are countries they typically come from to Greece - expressing the nostalgia they feel towards the life they had in their country of origin before they had to leave, while placed in an exaggeratedly  polluted, degraded, and unwelcoming environment.  "Back Home", they had professions, hobbies, family and friends that they now deeply miss, which are pictured in an evocative and artistic manner, through compositions made by AI. I find the contrasting and sometimes absurd resulting images interesting, as they kind of depict the mayhem they have been projected into, as they lost every reference and possessions when entering this totally different environment which is Eleusis. These pictures could be what they see in their dreams or nightmares as they unconsciously compare two different universes and situations interlaced behind their closed eyelids. A confused postcard sent from a bad voyage.

I've chosen professions or situations that can be expressed through uniforms, traditional clothing, or accessories easily identified, such as a white blouse, a barber chair, a princess dress and crown, and placed the characters in a chaotic, polluted and destructed environment, under cloudy skies, which result in an exaggerated evocation of the worst parts of Elesina as they appear in their fears and dreams.

The data I've chosen to integrate from the study are the voice recordings of the interviews with the participants, pictured as a circular waveform emanating from their head or body, as the echo of their despair.